Join the Choir

If you want to sing with us, you are welcome to come to a trial rehearsal. You can get an impression of our team and see how our choir rehearsals work.

Who we look for

  • Enthusiastic boys from the age of 5 and above who want to get involved in the adventure of choral singing.
  • Parents or caretakers, who wish to support and accompany their child on their path as a choir boy.
  • A strong family and social environment which supports the development and importance of music and the arts.

What we offer

  • Vocal and musical training for chorus and solo singing,
  • accompanied by the individual artistic and personal maturation process,
  • room for other musical interests.

What we expect

Reliability and commitment to attend rehearsals and performances.

Where we sing

  • Concert halls, opera houses, theaters and churches
  • Concert tours in Europe and North America, Australia


  • Based on scientific studies and our own experience, we believe that there is a positive effect gained through singing and playing in performances with the personality development and the social skills of children.
  • In addition, the Choral Society provides a framework for friendships between boys and their families.
  • The artistic conducive environment offers advanced choirboys activities as accompanist, ensemble director, composer, conductor or music engineer.

School fees

€ 56,– / Month (10 / year) for solo lessons and choir training

Training rooms


Lange Gasse 2
8010 Graz