Test lessons

Date and time are told by the director.

First level

The entry level of the Graz Kapellknaben is at the age of six to seven years of age. The aim of this first, one-year training program is the unanimous singing of child-friendly songs. Canon rounds provide first, hands-on in polyphonic singing. The weekly, individual voice training lessons promote the unique and individual development of each singer’s voice. Performances, on a small scale, expose the singers and help to convey a sense of achievement..

Second level

After a year in initial choir, the singers transition to the next level of the choir. Here, they will experience and be part of their first major concerts. Songs in various languages, local traveling and singing games are the basis of this choir stage. In small concert programs, the polyphonic choral singing is further stabilized and helps to train the ear.

Third level

In the third year the boys reach the level that they are eligible to experience and be part of both the concert choir as well as solo singing opportunities. The concerts provide additional performance experience and above all, a sense of pride and achievement. Small concert tours and a summer camp in the summer holidays help to create unity and build friendships within the group.

Concert Choir

This is the top ensemble of the Graz Kapellknaben. The boys of the concert choir perform demanding tasks including concerts, opera and radio productions.

Male Choir

The boys voices mature into mens voices. These young adults will return as tenors and basses in the concert choir and provide the sound foundation of the „classical boys choir“. They also perform their own concerts.


For advanced singers. This level allows for the possibility for soloist performances. Opera houses and concert organizers, both locally and abroad engage with the Kapellknaben requesting their participation in their productions.

Period of Voice Change

There is a time when the voice of the boys will change. Within this time, the boys can certainly continue to participate in some activities of the Kapellknaben. Here, they are encouraged to follow good voice care and instructed in basic knowledge of music theory.

Voice Training

Each boy is supported vocally in private lessons from professional singing teachers.

Holiday Camp

During the summer holidays a 10-day camp will be held in which the next season’s program will be developed. Sports and games are also included in the daily routine as well as creative activities.