Wir sind wieder alle gut in Graz angekommen – diesmal auch die Koffer. Nun ist es an der Zeit Danke zu sagen.

We are all back home (also all our bags). Now it’s time to say thank you.

Erste Station: St. John’s College (Minnesota) / First stop: St. John’s College (MN)

Saint John’s Abbey specially to Abbot John, Brother Antony, Brother Lou and Brother Nick

The St. John’s Boys‘ Choir specially to Melissa Walrath, Brandon Nordhues, William White and all helping hands

Zweite Station: Apple Valley (MN) / 2nd stop: Apple Valley (MN)

Eastview High School specially to Greg Douma, Kari Douma, Bill Hendry and all our host families!

Dritte Station: Maple Grove  (MN) / 3rd stop: Maple Grove (MN)

North Star Boys‘ choir specially to: Francis Stockwell, Dr. Crystal Rossow, Vicky Duran and all our host families!

Edge Christian Worship Center

Lord of Life Lutheran Church

The Church of St. William

Vierte Station: Madison (Wisconsin) / 4th stop: Madison (WI)

Madison Youth Choirs specially to: Michael Ross, Lynn Hembel, Lisa Kjentvet and all our host families!

Bethel Lutheran Church

German School of Madison specially to: Chris Tabisz

Fünfte Station: Walworth (WI) / 5th stop: Walworth (WI)

Big Foot High School specially to: Marie Mallu Severing, Kevin Nickels and Bernhard 😉

Sechste Station: Janesville (WI) / 6th stop: Janesville (WI)

Cargill United Methodist Church specially to: Richard Severing and all our host families!

Last but not least: thank you Craig „Andy“ Anderson for beeing our driver, friend and helping hand every time on our trip!